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with EvaWeckström

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10 fun and educational Weeks
in the World of Wine
-Study, Learn and Taste Wine at Home!


Eva Weckström, established wine educator, wine journalist and blogger now offers a fun, unpretentious and in-depth 10-week wine course online.


WINE ONLINE takes place on Facebook, in a closed group. Except for a curious mind about wine this is all you need- to have a Facebook account. It is extremely user friendly, accessible and fun! No prior knowledge is required. Learn to try wine like the pro's, how to pair food and wine, how different sparkling wine is made, why and how to age wine, different grape varieties, various wine styles, regions and countries.


Every week has a specific theme. For every week you will find text material posted, as well as a video were Eva talks about the topic of the week. We also try wine! What typ of wines that will be opened has been announced in the text material prior. This so you can join in and try wine as you watch the film.




Study on your own time, when you want, how you want! Watch the educational and entertaining weekly videos when you have the time- and participate by trying wine with Eva while watching, if you want. Naturally you can also just look at it. It is completely up to you.

Contact to sign up or to get answer to your questions. Important! If you are in contact with a sales representative for Wine Online- register via this competent person and don't forget to get your discount code!

The price for all 10 weeks is only 199 USD! Payment via PayPal. 
You will get the extremely easy instructions upon registration.











Swedish wine writer Eva Weckström resides in the scenic archipelago that is the city of Stockholm. She has reviewed wine and beverage in the renowned Swedish magazine Livets Goda as well as composing in-depth articles on the two largest wine sites in Sweden. Her background is 20 years in the restaurant trade and 5 years as a wine importer.


She travels extensively in the name of wine and food, mainly in Europe, and carries a torch for German Riesling, American Cabernet Sauvignon, Champagne and much more. Today she focuses on this Blog, in hosting wine tastings on many different themes all over Sweden, consulting restaurants and passionately lecturing and teaching Swedes more about the amazing world of wine, and pairing food and wine. Her course "Vinskola Online" has been a huge success- hence this launch of Wine Online by Eva Weckström.


To Eva, it is paramount to keep her educational language simple, the respect for readers and students high, and her knowledge and passion transparent. As of 2020 she also get to share her travel experiences and broad wine knowledge on Canadian site


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