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Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry- Ridiculously good

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

This beautiful bottle and it's precious content was recently launched in Sweden. Plantation is no small matter as a multinational company but they still keep on delivering great rum, many times with a strong sense of its origin. The production is focused, appropriately, in the Caribbean, but the company also presents rum from as far away as Fiji.

Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry is unusual in that it is bone dry. I'm loving it. Really. Sugar is not necesarily a bad thing BUT it makes for great camouflage for flaws and impurities in not only rum but wine aswell. Here instead you get the pure, complex and amazingly raw expression of the terroir of Jamaica. A naked, exposed and mind blowing palette of aromas and flavours. The Jamaican Xaymaca is incredibly flavorful and has great depth.
Coincidentely this puppy was elected "Best Rum in the World" recently at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition- one of the most prestigious awards in the whole world. Thousands of spirits are tasted in this "Champions League" of the world of spirits. Xaymaca caught the desirable title "Best in Show" in the category Dark Rum.

My tasting notes: Smokey, bone dry, almost chalky, with rich flavour palette of coconut and hazelnuts, flowery notes of rose garden and pastry. Furthermore Xaymaca offers a whole fruitsallad of tropical fruit like fresh pineapple, grilled banana, ripe mango as well as juicy nashi pears, baked apples, apricots, lemon curd and white peach. Great length follows a greedy want for more. I'm completely blown away over the quality! (especially in parity with the moderat price tag).

What is Xaymaca?

This elegant, barrel-aged dry rum is made from molasses, distilled in pot stills only and has its origin in two different destilleries. The two beeing renowned 1700-hundreds Long Pond, and Clarendon- a destillery that holds the largest pot still in the whole of the Caribbean. These two mediate different expression and both share with us in their own way the typicity of jamiacan rum with its power and richness in flavour. The rum is bottled at 43 % and has a ester-concentration of a whoppin' 156 g/hl. It is categorized as a "plummer" according to the Jamaican system. The potent drops spend 3 years of tropical ageing in bourbon barrels after which they get a finish in France, on Pierre Ferrnad’s cognac barrels. This adds some extra spice and depth. Finally to top it all off- a dash of 17-year-old jamaican rum is added for the perfect balance.

Plantation Xaymaca was launched on the 3rd of june in the ordering assortment at Swedish Systembolaget. #81609 499 Sek (about 55 USD/43 BPS) 700 ml

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