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Limoncello- Make your own sunshine in a bottle

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Italian Limoncello is soooo delish. Sure, you can buy the sweet and sour charmer at the liquor store but why on earth not make it yourself? It is easy enough and much appreciated. It is lovely as a gift, to use in drinks and cocktails but absolutely best enjoyed well chilled as a digestive with an espresso and/or a few almond-biscotti. Even these are simple to make at home, more on this topic in another post. You see how I'm wheeling you in?

1.Go get yourself some nice, ripe, ecologically certified lemons. This to avoid toxic chemicals on the peel, since it is acctually the peel you will be using for your Limoncello.
2. Use 8 normal size lemons for 1 liter bottle of vodka of good quality, preferably with high alkohol. This helps with the extraction of flavour and colour. In Italy they use vodka with a whoppin' 80 proof. This obviously needs to be diluted when done.
3. Wash the lemons thoroughly with warm water. Peel them and make sure you "filé" off the white flesh if you have any on the back of the peels. It gives the Limoncello a bitter touch that should be avoided. Yikes!
4. Pour out some of the vodka to make room for the peel (pour in glas and mix yourself a drink as you work why don't ya).
5.Put the peels into the bottle.
6. Top off. 7. Put cap on.
8. Leave but don't forget in a cool and dark place for about 3 weeks. Turn the bottle a bit a few times a week.
9. After the three weeks passed, make the sugar syrup.
(1 cup of white sugar and 2 cups of water. Warm up in pan so that the sugar completely dissolves and let cool)
10. Strain away the peels, and add syrup after taste. Dillute with water to proper alcohol level, at your leasure.
Make a pretty label and tie a yellow ribbon round the bottle, rather than the ole oak tree. Pun intended. Enjoy!
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