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Riesling is an old time favourite grape variety of mine. Regardless of origin- Austria, Germany, France or New World countries like Australia, South Africa or the US- I always fall in love with the juicy, acidic and mineral driven wines.

The gorgeous 2011 Cuvée Frédéric Emile by Alsace iconic producer Trimbach is no exception. Trimbach has been around since 1626 and going on the 13:th generation! The Trimbach family has always produced wines that are pure, structured, longlived, fruity, elegant and balanced. This is the world famous and much celebrated Trimbach style. The family personally looks after every step in the production, from planting to harvests, and from vinification to bottling. The small and utterly picturesque medieval village of Ribeauvillé is the perfect back drop, or front perhaps, for the wuthering vineyards surrounding it.

This amazing wine is dry, extremely concentrated, has a full body, beautiful ripe acidity and exposes notes of smokiness and diesel intertwined with white peach, candied pineapple, grapefruit and lime. The balance is just superb and this powerful wine seems to, well, just never end....
This charmer will be yours for an estimated 43 Euros, 47 USD or 36 GBP.
(Sweden: Artikelnummer 74404, BS, 452:-)

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