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Cuvée William Deutz and the Spectacular vintage 2008

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

"The love story between myself and Cuvée William Deutz has been ongoing since I first tried the wine many years ago. It was love at the first sip"

In cool, challenging climates like iconic wine region Champagne the release of a new vintage is always up for speculation, anticipation and great expectation. When it comes to a prestige wine these notions gets even more elevated.

Recently a favorite producer, the fabulous Grande Marque house of Champagne Deutz, released a much awaited gem, the iconic Cuvée William Deutz of the already legendary 2008 vintage. 2008 is to say the least a most promising vintage and is actually predicted to go down in history as one of the best vintages in a hundred years. How about that! This appreciated and coveted cuvée tributes the founding father of Champage Deutz, and certainly has much to live up to. After spending 12 years developing lush, creamy bubbles and an astounding complexity in the deep, cool wine cellars below the village (the so-called crayéres, former roman lime stone quarries), the extraordinary and desirable vintage of CWD 2008 was ready to be launched on the world market in the end of november this year, 2020. I for one, couldn't wait to try it!

.....and, lo and behold, my prayers were fulfilled. First out to get introduced to the new Deutz family member was Stockholm Sweden, and I'm proud to say I was one of the lucky few present at the world premiere on a lovely journalist tasting at renowned Wedholms Fisk. The tasting was arranged by the Swedish importer of Champagne Deutz, the capable Swedish Brand AB. Participating, digitally due to the pandemic, was handsome, charismatic and dedicated CEO of Champagne Deutz- Fabrice Rosset.

In order to get an overview over the Deutz range, and typicity, the event included 5 wines and an amazing lunch thoroughly put together to match the charming line-up. The tasting included the following five charmers:

-The formidable NV Deutz Brut Classic -The elegant chardonnay Champagne Deutz Bdb Vintage 2015

-The sensual, exclusive jewel Amour de Deutz 2010

-The rather new Hommage á William Deutz Meurtet 2012

-Last but certainly not least the wine of the hour- Cuvée William Deutz 2008.

A few word about Amour de Deutz and the house style. What I love about the utter delightful prestige wine Amour the Deutz is how creamy, sensual and accessible it is upon release. My heart leaps up! And I have learned that the philosophy is just that. Sure, you can age this sunshine in a bottle for decades, but Amour the Deutz drinks gracefully pretty much as soon as the rare, exclusive few bottles hit the longing market. In many other instances prestige wines needs to mature before they can perform. I have discussed this with Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz on many occations. He points out that at Champagne Deutz the wines should be at their best when released. A nobel, and rare sentiment in the region indeed.

Back to Cuvée Wiliam Deutz 2008, but first perhaps some background. The man behind the name is the Champagne house's founder. Already in 1838 William Deutz started up the company and the rest is, as we say, history. Considered one of the most scenic houses of the region, Champagne Deutz resides in picturesque village Ay, one of 17 Grand Cru-villages located in the heart of the Champagen region.

Today, the yearly production in total reaches roughly 2 million bottles. Rarely have I encountered a more humble, friendly yet professional and ambitious attitude at a Champagne house. Deutz Champagnes are known for their crystal fresh style and this is acomplished by much knowledge, patience, artisan winemaking and stellar, modern equipment. No shortcuts. Quality has always been paramount at Deutz, and quantity would never take precedence over it.

The love story between myself and Cuvée William Deutz has been ongoing since I first tried the wine many years ago. It was love at the first sip.

This extremely well crafted wine is dominated by the tricky, fickle grape variety that is one of three used in Champagne. The elusive pinot noir. This black grape is one of few that loves cool climates. This said, it is extremely hard to grow and to maintain healthy. Pinot noir always gives the grape grower lots and lots of grief, gray hair and a good run for the money. But the result, the result!

Cuvée William Deutz 2008. Ahhh. This amazing cuvée is truly a gastronomic wine. It has it all. An amazing nose overloaded with impressions. Small, creamy bubbles. Razor sharp acidity that is rounded off by heaps of ripe fruit, herbs, roasted nuts, chocolate....great concentration, full body, loads of panache! We were served a delightful poached pike-perch with portobello confit, champagne sauce, fried duck's liver and both black and white alba-truffle to go with this majestic wine. And the pairing was nothing short of magnificent. I would however not hesitate to serve Cuvée William Deutz 2008 with even more challenging dishes. Frankly, I really don't se how you can go wrong. Avoid chili and other spicy seasoning that in general clashes with wine and you will be absolutely fine.

I ran to the monopoly-store as soon as I could after the tasting and voilá- I now have a precious bottle of CWD-08 at my disposal, just sitting around waiting for the right moment. And frankly, it might come sooner rather than later. Patience is not my forte in the matter, and frankly nor do I need it in this instance. Cheers!

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