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Crispy Cool Bubbles from Transylvania

It is about time to get back in the saddle after the hardships and start to blog again. Did you miss me? I hope all of you are safe, and slowly are moving towards some kind of normality at last. Lets go!

As a soft and pleasurable start I am recommending an incredibly affordable and wonderfully sparkly wine in this post, from .... Transylvania! You heard me right.

How cool is this?

In addition, this fizz does not cost you an arm and a leg. Me like. Here in Sweden this puppy was launched at the Monopoly Stores in the beginning of March and has been flying off the shelves.

The grapes in the Vernissage blend are 34% pinot noir, 33% chardonnay and 33% of the slightly difficult-to-pronounce local grape Feteasca Regala. The vineyards are located 300 meters above sea level and hence kept cool by an ever present wind or at least a romantic fluttering breeze (I imagine that is how W. Worldsworth would describe it). This moderation of the rather continental and hot summer climate maintains the important acidity in the grape and in turn- the freshness in the wine. The beautiful vineyards are surrounded by a famous, mystical Transylvanian mountain range by the name of "the Carpathians", and the ridges of said mountains provide an important "rain shadow" and much needed protection from too strong winds, hail and what not.

There is a lot that impresses me about "Vernissage". Sure it is hard to dislike a decent sparkling wine. But accuracy, knowledge and ambition of the producer is one crucial piece of the puzzle. Another is that the wine, despite its affordability, do not gain its effervescens by simple carbonation, but rather is produced with the so-called tank method. This method produces many, smaller in size, lively bubbles.

The wine is fresh and fruity with mouth watering acidity, Granny Smith apples, baked lemons, almonds, fresh pastry, chalk, orange peel and a small touch of green herbs.

It is good to enjoy as is, well chilled, but also works wonders with finger food, at the buffé table and is heavenly together with freshly baked French cheese puffs.

Soft, mild cheese like brie or chèvre are great partners in crime, and if you are in the mood for something a bit more substantial- why not poached cod or halibut with melted butter, chopped shrimps and grated horseradish? I have even tried the wine with grilled chicken. No obstacles what so ever!

• Wine: Vernissage, Transylvania, Romania

• Producer: Jidvei

• Article number (Sweden) : 7950

• Price: 89 SEK.

• Price estimate USD: 10, EUR: 8,6, GBP: 7,5

Gougères- heavenly soft and tasty french cheese puffs. A perfect condiment to Vernissage Brut Sparkling!

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