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Crisp white wine from sunny Greece

Boy do I miss the many wine travels I used to part take in when the world was, well, a bit more normal.

Therefore, I want to share with you a wine recommendation, and some sunny, inspirational pictures from a lovely wine trip a few years ago. The destination was Greece and the formidable producer Kir-Yianni. Founded in 1997 this young but capable producer owns vineyards mainly in the towns of Naoussa and Amyndeon on each side of the mountain Vermion in nortwest Greece.

Greece is an incredibly fine wine country - but with relatively small production and, for many, therefore unknown territory. The pictures mainly show the beautiful northern parts of Greece with mountains, high altitude and consequently cooling winds. We were spending most of our time around the above mentioned towns of Naossa and Amyndeon.

Up here in the northwest towards the vast mountain Olympus- its highest peak is almost 3000 meters above sea level- the flora is just like in Sweden, which surprised me immensely. I Had not taken in account the high altitude. Trees, bushes and fungi- all was the same as in any Swedish forrest!

I can very much recommend both red wines but especially the elegant, mineral-rich dry white wines from the northern parts of Greece! Don't miss the below gem.


2019 Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko "High Altitude Wine" Florina, Greece

You will find an extraordinary fresh white wine from the indigenous grape assyrtiko. This is Greek sunshine in a bottle. The wine is juicy and refreshingly tart with yellow stone fruit, lime, gooseberries, mineral salt and fresh herbs. It is delicious just as it is or for your weekend seafood platter, fish dish, sallad or your creamy cheeses! Enjoy!

Sweden: 99 Sek Article number 2338

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