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3 favorite white wines with moderate pricing

In general you get what you pay for. I therefore absolutely love when I, at tastings or eating out, find that one wine that really performs incredibly well and keeps within the lower price brackets. Here's a few of them. This day and age we all need it! I'm starting with white wine. (Rosé and Red to follow!)

Note that I stay away from the extremely inexpensive wines. This is not snobbism; They are generally unable to preform due to among others bigger yields and faster and cheaper growing and making. They are rarely ecological and much less produced in a sustainable and ethical fashion. You are left with uninteresting wines with less concentration, less acidity and a lack of complexity in flavor.


White, crispy fresh like a summers day:

2018 Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko, Greece, Macedonia

Sweden 99 SEK, # 2338 (Estimated) 10 USD (Estimated) 8 GBP Sterling

Greek wines are seriously underrated and seriously delishous! This amazing white wine from the north-west of mainland Greece is juicy, fresh with amazing acidity and notes of green apples, citrus, nectarine and white peach. Enjoy chilled as is or with all kinds of shellfish or fish dishes.


White, full bodied, buttery and luscious:

2018 Simonsig  Chardonnay Sydafrika , Western Cape , Stellenbosch 

Sweden 94:- #2032

(Estimated) 9,5 USD

(Estimated) 7,5 GBP Sterling

South African wines are so structured and well crafted. This ambitious producer, Simonsig, is a long time favorite and their white lightly oak aged charmer works with everything. Yellow apples, mandarine, mango, almonds, fudge and cardamom. Served with grilled fish, chicken with mushroom sauce or creamy, vegetarian gratin with root fruits and cheese.


White, with flowers and juicy fruit:

2019 Crudo Catarratto Zibibbo Organic, Italy, Sicily   Sweden 79:-#4993 

(Estimated) 8 USD

(Estimated) 6,5 GBP Sterling

Ecological, fruity, with some residual sugar(14 g/l) and a whole meadow of flowers like lilies, honeysuckle and elderflower together with melon, pear, honey and candied lemon peel. Enjoy cold as an aperitif or together with smoked salmon, gratinated mussels or spicy, asian cuisine.


Enjoy, and take care of one another!

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